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    Since ancient Egyptian times, emeralds have stolen the eyes of the most exclusive tastes like Cleopatra's. Emeralds are unique, beautiful and very rare. Emeralds are unique, beautiful and very scarce, that is why they are so special. Colombians are fortunate to be the cradle of the best emeralds in the world and that is why we can proudly say that we hold several records. In this article we will show you the 5 most valued emeralds in the world, where Colombian emeralds are present: TOP 5 MOST EXPENSIVE EMERALDS 1. The Rockefeller Emerald This emerald is truly one of the most important milestones in the world of gemstones. The Rockefeller emerald was offered by Christie's which is one of the most important auction houses worldwide and where multi-million dollar sales have been made. In the summer of 2017 this beautiful stone was acquired by Harry, which is valued at $5.5 million. One of the most impressive aspects of this stone is that it reached the highest value of an emerald per carat. After being acquired by Rockefeller it was christened the Rockefeller-Winston emerald. But... Why was given this name ? This beautiful stone belonged to Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. She received a gift from her husband John D. Rockefeller, Jr. After Abby passed away, her husband had the brooch dismantled and the central emerald was given to Raymond Yard to be mounted in a ring. 2. Elizabeth Taylor's Emerald Brooch Elizabeth Taylor's brooch was a wedding gift from her husband Burton who claims that Elizabeth only knew one word in Italian and that was "Bulgari". During the filming of Cleopatra he went to the Bulgari boutique in Rome and acquired this great jewel which was sold for $6.1 million in 2011. This jewel remains to this day the most expensive single stone jewel in the world. It was sold at The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor: The Legendary Jewels Evening Sale at Christie's in New York in December 2011 3. The Taj Mahal Emerald The June 2019 Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence auction offered a unique group of jewelry and objects from the Al Thani collection. The 2019 June Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence auction offered jewelry and objects from the Al Thani collection. One of the most striking and special jewels from that collection was The Taj Mahal emerald unique for its natural beauty. This emerald is 141.13 carats and is from Colombia. It was sold for 1.8 million dollars. 4. Princess Faiza's emerald and diamond necklace. This emerald and diamond necklace sold for $3.8 million francs in 2013. This jewel is perfectly complemented by the diamonds that surround it and no doubt by the spectacular emeralds that make this jewel have a stunning magic. The necklace was acquired in Paris by Princess Faiza in 1947, then sold in 2013. 5. Grand Muzo Emeralds The most particular and expensive emeralds are extracted from Muzo in the beautiful Andes Mountains in Colombia. From this beautiful place come the emeralds named Grand Muzos. These beautiful stones embedded in a set of earrings at Christie's were sold for $4.2 million the first time they were presented and the second time they were sold in 2019 for $4.5 million. Their corresponding weights are 23.34 and 23.18 carats. The two stones are characterized by their intense green color. In Conclusion This has been the top 5 list of the most expensive emeralds in the world, where Colombian emeralds are the protagonists. At GMC Emerald Vein we have jewelry with Colombian Emeralds of the highest quality, discover them by visiting our store.

  • Characteristics of Colombian emeralds: What makes them so special?

    Since pre-Columbian times, emeralds were the pride of the first settlers of the Colombian territory. Later, during the conquest, emeralds were the fascination of the Europeans who came to our country mainly from Spain. After so many years, Colombian emeralds continue to be the most prized and valued due to their unique characteristics. Today we are going to detail them a little more. Characteristics of Colombian emeralds Color: One of the most important characteristics of Colombian emeralds is their color, since it consists of shades that in the eyes of people become very desirable. The color is given by components such as iron and vanadium, which together, give intense bluish green and grass green tones. The color of Colombian emeralds is achieved thanks to the special characteristics of our subsoils. The formation process of emeralds is very different from other parts of the world and for that reason they have different shades and brightness. Size: The size of Colombian emeralds is another characteristic that makes you fall in love. The raw material is so clean that when they are cut and transformed into gems, their weight tends to be over 1.00 carat with excellent quality. Clarity: Colombian emeralds have an "exceptional clarity" that makes them clean to the eye. Although emeralds in general are stones with multiple inclusions as a result of their natural formation, Colombian stones are highly transparent, which allows them to exhibit all their shades and nuances when sparkling. At GMC we have certified Colombian jewelry and emeralds that meet the quality standards of international markets. Discover our jewelry by visiting our online store

  • 20+ Fun Facts About Emeralds and Rubies

    Emeralds and rubies are two of the most precious stones in the world. Their characteristics make them unique, but above all valuable. Each with different components and colors that undoubtedly steal the breath of anyone who observes them. The reason why emeralds and rubies are so valuable and expensive is because of their scarcity and their particular way of being created. Mainly because they need certain conditions for their production process to be possible. Today we are going to compare facts about emeralds and rubies for you to discover why they are such wonderful stones and desired by the whole world. Keep scrolling down to learn about these two fantastic universes. FACTS ABOUT EMERALDS Emeralds are the rarest gemstones in the world. These stones are not as hard as rubies or diamonds. It is their delicacy that makes them so precious and cared for. The most beautiful emeralds in the world are found in Colombia due to their formation conditions. Emeralds deposits are scarce in the world, especially the formation environment in Colombia, that is why they are unique. The most desirable emeralds in the world are those that are characterized by their intense green color and excellent transparency. Emeralds are minerals composed of Beryl. Their colors are: green, yellowish green and bluish green. There are two techniques for emerald cutting. The best known is faceted, which divides the stone into 4 sections: Table, Bezel, Pavilion and Cone. On the other hand, there is the Cabochon technique, which highlights a homogeneous finish without faces or angles. They need millions of years to be created. Colorless oil treatments improve the consistency of the stone and its final appearance. It is a normal practice due to the amount of micro-fractures that emeralds have. 95% of emeralds have this treatment. Those that have no oil and have excellent color and few fractures to the naked eye are too expensive. The saturation and uniformity of colors varies immensely. It is the stone of the month of May. It signifies friendship and loyalty. Anniversaries of 20 and 35 years are celebrated with emeralds. RUBY FACTS It represents the July stone. They are characterized by their brightness and red color. Its name Ruby comes from "ruber" which means red. Not all rubies are red, their shades vary from red to dark pink. It is a mineral composed of aluminum oxide. It is a close relative of sapphire. They are found in many parts of the world, such as Thailand, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The best are those from Myanmar. Their quality is determined by the intensity of their color, purity and weight. Imperfections are very common in almost all rubies. Most of them are treated by a thermal method that improves the intensity of their color. It is the hardest gemstone after diamond. You already know the facts about each of these beautiful stones, now you know why they are so different and unique in their beauty. Each one has different characteristics that make their appearance so beautiful and desired by people. In addition to all the natural process that must occur for its formation. We hope you have learned about these universes of unique gemstones. Wear the legacy of Colombia, wear emeralds by visiting our store.

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    LUXURY COLLECTION We have defined ourselves by creating pieces that more than jewelry are works of art for the most exclusive eyes and tastes, guaranteeing that we are the best ambassadors of Colombia. Filter by Collection All Rings Earrings Pre-Columbian Pendants Price $2,000.00 $15,000.00 Material Set Luxury Size 7 7 1/2 Weight Dia. 0.08 ct 0.12 ct 0.2 ct 0.20 ct 0.24 ct 0.30 ct 0.40 ct 0.42 ct 0.54 ct 0.76 ct Weight Eme. 0.60 ct 1.01 ct 1.02 ct 1.10 ct 1.36 ct 1.4 ct 1.42 ct 1.45 ct 1.48 ct 2.29 ct 2.55 ct 2.92 ct 3.06 ct 4.41 ct 4.90 ct Sort by Quick View Anillos Price $4,000.00 Quick View Anillos Price $3,000.00 Quick View Anillos Price $4,500.00 Quick View Dijes Price $4,500.00 Quick View Aretes Price $2,800.00 Quick View Aretes Price $2,000.00 Quick View Dije Price $15,000.00 Quick View Aretes Price $12,000.00 Quick View Anillo Price $3,800.00 Quick View Anillo Price $3,800.00 GEMLAB CERTIFIED Quick View Ring Price $2,300.00 GEMLAB CERTIFIED Quick View Pendant Price $8,000.00 GEMLAB CERTIFIED Quick View Ring Price $2,400.00 GEMLAB CERTIFIED Quick View Ring Price $5,000.00 GEMLAB CERTIFIED Quick View Ring Price $4,000.00

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    PURCHASE PROTOCOLS GMC COLOMBIA SAS is committed to protecting the personal information of our clients. We use the PayPal payment gateway and host encryption protocols to keep order information safe. All sensitive data is transmitted in an encrypted format. We keep the customer's shipping and billing information from the moment they create an account with us, but that information will be used exclusively by GMC COLOMBIA SAS for contact and follow-up purposes in accordance with the law . COOKIES STORAGE We use traffic log cookies to identify which pages are being used. This helps us analyze data about web pages and improve our site to suit customer needs. We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and then the data is removed from the system. Our site is not directed to persons under 18 years of age. However, we are not responsible for access to by minors. GMC COLOMBIA SAS intentionally collects or stores information about minors. To buy at the user must register and GMC COLOMBIA SAS trusts in the good faith of the user who, by registering their data, confirms that these correspond to reality. If, due to force majeure, the user who wishes to buy is a minor, he must inform GMC COLOMBIA SAS at the time of purchase to authorize the transaction in accordance with the legal terms in force in Colombian legislation. PRIVACY POLICY AND PERSONAL DATA GMC COLOMBIA SAS informs that the content of the Privacy Policy (hereinafter "the Policy"), which is presented below, is applicable to the treatment of your personal data collected from the access, use and navigation of the website www Due to its interaction, use and navigation, as well as the voluntary delivery of personal data in those cases where this aspect is enabled on the site ("User"), we will understand your consent and acceptance of the content of this Policy, which is why we invite you to read carefully the content of it. For all the purposes of processing personal data described in this document, the Responsible for the same, in accordance with the definition established in Law 1581 of 2012, will be GMC COLOMBIA SAS telephone 12816523, contact email . This document was prepared taking into account the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 "By which general provisions for the protection of personal data are issued and in Decree 1377 of 2013" By which Law 1581 of 2012 is partially regulated which are intended to "Develop the constitutional right that all people have to know, update and rectify the information that has been collected about them in databases or files, and the other rights, freedoms and constitutional guarantees referred to in article 15 of the Political Constitution; as well as the right to information enshrined in article 20 of the same .. " In compliance with current Colombian regulations, below, we present relevant information related to the legitimate treatment of the personal data collected: 1. Collection of personal data of the User The User's personal data may be collected through the site through the registration and opening of an account therein, in order to participate in promotions, contests or proceed with the purchase of products using the electronic commerce tools available provision. For this purpose, at the time of registration, the User grants their express authorization to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the authorization text made available and whose acceptance is a necessary step for the creation of the account on the site. Personal data may consist of name, identification number, email, telephone, city, date of birth, among others such as consumption habits. The personal data being processed will be private or semi-private, as appropriate, expressly excluding from the collection, personal data of a sensitive nature, as well as personal data of minors. Those personal data collected will be included in the databases owned by GMC COLOMBIA SAS and will be used for the purposes set forth in this Policy. 2. Purpose of the processing of personal data The processing of personal data will be carried out in order to carry out, through any means of marketing, promotion, own advertising or third-party advertising, technical support, marketing, service improvement, consultations, control, enabling means of payment, assistance commercial and consumer, service and technical support of products and services, as well as any other related to products and services, current and future of GMC COLOMBIA SAS Notwithstanding, the foregoing, the User may always request the cessation of mailing electronic Likewise, the personal data supplied or obtained by GMC COLOMBIA SAS may be processed, collected, stored, used, updated, mainly to make possible the provision of its services, for the accounting records that are required and for reports to control and surveillance authorities. . Likewise, personal data will be used for administrative, commercial and advertising and contact purposes with the owners thereof. Likewise, the User grants authorization for the transfer, communication, transfer and / or national or international transmission or transfer of personal data and databases to third parties who are Responsible and / or Managers in accordance with the business need of GMC COLOMBIA SAS To For this purpose, the User grants express authorization for the international transfer of their personal data. GMC COLOMBIA SAS undertakes that the information it obtains from users will not be shared with companies or third parties that have no direct link with GMC COLOMBIA SAS 3. Security measures GMC COLOMBIA SAS has adopted technical, human and administrative measures that grant security to personal data avoiding its adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access. GMC COLOMBIA SAS maintains mandatory security protocols for personnel with access to personal data and information systems, in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the treatment. 4. Rights of the Holders In accordance with Law 1581 of 2012, Users as holders of personal data have the following rights: a) Know, update and rectify your personal data in front of those in charge of the treatment or in charge of the treatment. This right may be exercised, among others, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading data, or those whose treatment is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized. b) Request proof of the authorization granted to the Data Controller, except when expressly excepted as a requirement for the treatment, in accordance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 1581 of 2012. c) Be informed by the person in charge of the treatment or the person in charge of the treatment, upon request, regarding the use that has been given to their personal data. d) Present before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce complaints for infractions to the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 and the other regulations that modify, add or complement it. e) Revoke the authorization and / or request the deletion of the data at any time at your will f) Access free of charge to your personal data that have been subject to treatment, all in observance of the current legal procedure. 5. Exercise of rights and claims The exercise of rights, requests, inquiries and claims can be made to GMC COLOMBIA SAS by means of a written letter and registered at the main headquarters of GMC COLOMBIA SAS or by email . The location is in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, phone 12816523 . This Policy is in force since March 2020, substantial changes will be reported GMC COLOMBIA SAS GUARANTEE You should know that our products are made with precious and semi-precious metals in different alloys. It is normal for its shine to diminish over time since the use of creams, lotions and changes in PH due to sweat affect the natural state of the metal. For cleaning at home, use a jewelry cloth with warm water and a little liquid soap. In the same way, precious stones, especially emeralds, are very delicate and therefore you must handle them with care. High temperatures and pressures can affect their appearance, so avoid subjecting them to this type of environment. Also avoid contact with other stones that have a higher hardness, such as diamond, ruby ​​or sapphire. You have a guarantee for a period of 30 days once you have received your product. In the event that you detect any inconvenience, please send it to our offices through your most trusted carrier. We cannot give you a refund if after 30 days your product presents problems such as partial or total deformation of the metal - leather - thread, partial or total fracture of the stone (s). SHIPPING POLICIES We want our products to reach your hands safely and safely. Depending on your location in Colombia, the estimated time is 3 to 5 days once we have received confirmation of your payment. For international shipments, please contact us for more information. Complications during transport will be our responsibility and we will try to get it to your hands in the shortest time possible. ¨Shipment Logistics Provider: Fedex

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    Thank you very much! We’ll verify your payment and get in touch with you if necessary. If you'd like to get in touch you can go ahead do it through WhatsApp WhatsApp CONTACT Tel. +571-281-6523 Diagonal 20A #0-12 Bogotá, Colombia ​ 1102, Block B, 21st Century Building, Chaoyang District, Peking, China ​ E-Mail: ​ + INFO Send Thank you for your message!

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