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Inspire even more love with an Emerald Engagement Ring

Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring
Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring

For couples, an engagement ring signifies the start of a new stage filled with love, happiness, goals and many adventures.

For this reason, the ring that seals this promise forever needs to be a symbol that can show the value that this decision and moment deserves.

When the search for this extremely significant piece begins, the result is endless doubts and questions.

What is the ideal size? What material should it be? Gold or silver? What finger does it go on? Emeralds?

Because of this, we want to offer you all of the advice that you need to guide you so that you feel that you are going to choose the best for that special someone.

At GMC Emerald Vein, we rely on master jewelers that specialize in emeralds. Following the link below, you can learn their stories and what creating jewelry with Colombian emeralds means to them:

Start from scratch or take the advanced path?

We understand that the world of emeralds and jewelry is immense and that it is probably difficult to choose one piece. Due to this, if you see a gem that captures your attention and fulfills your expectations, do not hesitate to buy it. Love at first sight also applies in this case.

At GMC Emerald Vein we have a portfolio of rings that are finished and ready, you can see these options in our virtual store:

On the other hand, if you are a curious person who has time, you can choose to take the longer path and create a work of art from scratch. There is no greater satisfaction than visualizing your ideas and watching them become a reality as a tailored gem.

At GMC Emerald Vein, our master jewelers specialize in size and are the most qualified to accompany you during the entire process and create the piece of your dreams. Starting with choosing the stone, going through the design process and ending with seeing the stone being set in the precious metal of your choice.

Take your time:

It is especially important that you prudently choose the time needed to create the adequate design. Remember it is not just any ring, IT IS YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING, and will be a piece that will be with you for life.

Think about your partner:

It is important to think about your partner before making your choice. Clearly you should also be happy with the ring, but the person receiving the ring will be the one wearing it their entire life.

Consider what they like and prefer and put in the effort to fulfill their expectations. The following questions can be very helpful:

  1. What is their style? How do they dress?

  2. What type of jewelry do they normally wear?

  3. What type of personality do they have?

In any case, don’t stress! We can provide the help needed to find the personal details that will make your piece truly spectacular.

Be as exact as possible

We believe that of all the highly important aspects, exactness comes first. In this case, we want the ring to fit like a glove.

Mistakes? These are unforgivable. In this aspect, we work hard and find the perfect size to ensure that there are no unexpected last minute changes. Relax, we are experts at this and are sure that there will not be any mistakes, trust us.

We are going to tell you a fun fact… The first woman to wear an engagement ring was María de Borgoña, wife of Emperor Archiduque Maximiliano of Austria, who was given a ring with diamonds in 1477. This is how engagement rings began to be used. They are worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Wedding rings, on the other hand, are an older tradition. In fact, in ancient egypt they were worn to signify businesses and commitment. In other words, if a woman wore a ring, she could not be sought by others. This was the way to show that her and her couple were committed.

Many stories exist about wedding rings, but all of them revolve around the union of two hearts, who seal their love with a symbol.

For example, the Romans decided that a vein named Vena Amoris existed and according to them, this vein travels from the ring finger to the heart. However, here in Colombia and in many other countries, couples put the ring on the ring finger, which is the fourth finger on the hand. Thus, everything varies depending on the culture and the traditions. The truth is that there is no golden rule, the idea is that you, as a couple, feel pleased with your decision and wear it how you choose.

Now, we want to explain why emeralds could be an excellent option for your engagement ring.

Starting with the most important… Colombian emeralds are the best in the world. This is due to the conditions that we have in Colombia that produce characteristics in the emeralds that are special, unique, and above everything else, valuable.

The emeralds that we use at GMC Emerald Vein have fascinating hues of green that dazzle your eyes. We have a selection process that is highly complete and professional.

It is important to learn about quality and pureness before choosing an emerald, you do not want to be tricked by a product that is false or that does not correspond to the price you are paying.

We will assist you throughout the entire process, we will design and personalize your rings, and will use the best materials so that they turn out exactly how you dreamed.

Bring your emeralds from Colombia anywhere, but most importantly to YOUR PARTNER’S HEART.

Don’t hesitate to consult us and have a unique experience with us.

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