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Guide to Colombian Emeralds

History of Colombian Emeralds

In the beautiful lands of the eastern Andes mountains of Colombia, between the provinces of Cundinamarca and Boyaca, the pinnacle of Colombian emerald deposits is located. These are the most precious emeralds in the world..

Colombian emeralds come from two mining districts where historically they have been mined:

The western mining district has three important deposits: Muzo, Coscuez and Peñas Blancas. This area produces deep green stones with vivid saturation and green stones with yellow tones.

The eastern mining district is formed by five important deposits: Chivor, Gachalá, Gachetá, Macanal and Ubalá. Usually emeralds produced here have dark green colors with bluish tones or are pale green. Both result in very high purity and crystallization, which is different from the western mining district.

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Why Colombian Emeralds are the best?

Colombian emeralds are one of the most wanted precious stones in the world due to their rarity and particular characteristics that separate them from the rest.

In Colombia the geological formations are unique and produce deeper colors and higher clarity degrees than those from other countries.

Where do Emeralds come from?

The mines belong to the Colombian State, however, private companies like GMC Emerald Vein are able to get a mining license in order to develop the operations.

Emerald Mining Projects

In order to start a mining operation, the first step is to develop a geological study that will indicate the feasibility of finding an underground Emerald Vein ( exact spot where emeralds are crystallized).

The risk in this kind of mining is very high as there is not any sort of technology capable of identifying an emerald vein nor the level of quality that can be found.

For these reasons Colombian emeralds are so rare and valuable.

Emerald cutting techniques

Like other precious stones, emeralds can be cut in different styles.

Facet Technique

This technique uses angles and steps in order to highlight the reflection of the light that reaches the surface of the stone. The most popular cuts are: Emerald Cut (square or rectangular without corners), Pear or Teardrop, Cushion and Oval.

Cabochon Technique

Unlike facet methodology, cabochon does not use angles. This technique seeks to build round or oval shapes smoothly cut and polished to increase the light reflection.

On average a 30% of the rough emerald becomes a precious stone. The remaining 70% is usually a low material quality that can be used for making jewelry handicrafts.

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Jewelry Lines at GMC EMERALD VEIN

We have 4 product lines depending on the emerald quality.

Luxury Line

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Premium Line

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Artisan Line

Mejores Esmeraldas Colombianas

This line represents the creation and art of Colombian artisan hands who highlight the best of Usaquen's Culture in Bogota by creating pieces full of beauty and simplicity.

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Pre-Columbian Line

La esmeralda en Colombia

It pays tribute to Colombian heritage. Our our creations reflect ancestral indigenous cultures in every detail

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Where can I buy Colombian Emeralds?

You can get certified Colombian emeralds at GMC Emerald Vein.

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Where can I find high Quality Emeralds in Colombia?

If your looking for high quality Colombian Emeralds, you are in the right place. At GMC Emerald vein we have high quality emeralds and we guarantee every gem.

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How much does a Colombian Emerald Cost?

The price of Colombian Emeralds vary depending on the intensity of their color and purity. Its price is also influenced by the weight of the gem and the quality of the cutting technique.

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Remember the price of an emerald depends on its quality and size. We are pleased to give you advice so you can take the perfect Colombian Emerald for you.

Why are Colombian Emeralds the best?

In Colombia we have the best emeralds in the world because our subsoil has very particular characteristics which produce unique emeralds with intense colors.

Colombian Emeralds are the most desired in the entire world!

We hope you learned about Emeralds, the Colombian treasure. Visit our stour and fall in love with our creations.

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