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Differences between Emeralds and Diamonds

Dije con Diamantes y Esmeraldas Colombianas

Gemstones are a mystery of nature. Since immemorial times they have been exalted as symbols of wealth, power and exclusivity. Their conditions of formation, colors, sizes and their natural beauty have turned them into priceless treasures that have lasted for generations.

The most curious and interesting aspect about these stones is their formation process. In addition to lasting millions of years, their geographic location marks great differences in their chemical components, leading to the crystallization of the multiple gems that are known.

In this article you will find the most notorious differences between emeralds and diamonds. Although it is not our interest to develop technical topics in great depth, we consider it is important to know the most characteristic of these beautiful gems.

Let's begin...

What is a Diamond?

Diamond is crystallized Carbon (C) with a range of colors from yellow, brown, gray to colorless. It rarely occurs in blue, green, orange and pink shades, which are extremely rare and therefore expensive.

These gems are produced more than 140 km deep in the earth's mantle and rise close to the surface through volcanic phenomena. They take between 1 and 3.3 billion years under conditions of high pressures and temperatures to crystallize and are one of the hardest elements on the planet. The most important deposits are found in South Africa, Botswana, Russia, Canada and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Of the 4 most recognized gemstones (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire), they have been the most abundant and traded in history, especially the colorless ones. They have an internationally recognized quality classification scheme based on their COLOR, CLARITY, CUT AND SIZE.

Diamonds are precious stones that adapt very well to jewelry and give it a perfect touch of elegance, delicacy and value.

Are Emeralds the most precious gemstones of the world?

Comparación Esmeraldas vs Diamantes
Anillo con Esmeraldas y Diamantes

Emeralds are even rarer stones than diamonds. It is the GREEN variety of the mineral Beryllium whose color is due to the presence of Chromium, Vanadium and in some cases Iron. It is not as hard as diamond, so its delicacy makes it an even more precious treasure.

In Colombia we are fortunate to have the most beautiful emeralds. Among the hidden mountains of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, the famous mines of Muzo, Chivor and Coscuez are located. Historically in this region the best stones in the world have been found due to the unique formation conditions resulting from hydrothermal processes.

Unlike the immense amount of diamond deposits, emerald mines are few in the world, and those of Colombia are UNIQUE because they offer intense color, large size and excellent purity.

They do not have a standardized quality classification system, therefore, their value follows 5 guidelines: Color intensity, Transparency level, Size, Cut quality and Fissure treatment level. Emeralds commonly have GARDENS (inclusions) that impact their purity, however, being the product of such abrupt mineral formations, they are widely accepted in the market.

Colombian stones are desirable because they combine a high intensity of deep grass green or bluish green color with few impurities to the unaided eye. A HIGH QUALITY EMERALD IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN A HIGH QUALITY DIAMOND.

At GMC Emerald Vein we have emeralds set in jewelry that are characterized by their beautiful green tones accompanied by small diamonds that give them a unique and glamorous touch.

We want to tell you that we have a variety of lines that can be adjusted to your preferences, from the most expensive to the most economical, but always maintaining a meaning and love for the art of jewelry. With our creations you will be able to carry something from Colombia to any part of the world.

In the following link you can find our emerald jewelry lines.

You can also find more about our history and the people who work with us to get the best out of Colombian emeralds and take them to every corner of the world.

This was all we wanted to tell you today, we hope you understand the most important facts about emeralds and diamonds, also that you understand that they are very different and unique gemstones.

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