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Characteristics of Colombian emeralds: What makes them so special?

Características de esmeraldas colombianas
Characteristics of Colombian emeralds

Since pre-Columbian times, emeralds were the pride of the first settlers of the Colombian territory. Later, during the conquest, emeralds were the fascination of the Europeans who came to our country mainly from Spain.

After so many years, Colombian emeralds continue to be the most prized and valued due to their unique characteristics. Today we are going to detail them a little more.

Characteristics of Colombian emeralds


One of the most important characteristics of Colombian emeralds is their color, since it consists of shades that in the eyes of people become very desirable. The color is given by components such as iron and vanadium, which together, give intense bluish green and grass green tones.

The color of Colombian emeralds is achieved thanks to the special characteristics of our subsoils. The formation process of emeralds is very different from other parts of the world and for that reason they have different shades and brightness.


The size of Colombian emeralds is another characteristic that makes you fall in love. The raw material is so clean that when they are cut and transformed into gems, their weight tends to be over 1.00 carat with excellent quality.


Colombian emeralds have an "exceptional clarity" that makes them clean to the eye. Although emeralds in general are stones with multiple inclusions as a result of their natural formation, Colombian stones are highly transparent, which allows them to exhibit all their shades and nuances when sparkling.

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