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20+ Fun Facts About Emeralds and Rubies

Comparison between -Emeralds and Rubies
Comparison between -Emeralds and Rubies

Emeralds and rubies are two of the most precious stones in the world. Their characteristics make them unique, but above all valuable. Each with different components and colors that undoubtedly steal the breath of anyone who observes them.

The reason why emeralds and rubies are so valuable and expensive is because of their scarcity and their particular way of being created. Mainly because they need certain conditions for their production process to be possible.

Today we are going to compare facts about emeralds and rubies for you to discover why they are such wonderful stones and desired by the whole world.

Keep scrolling down to learn about these two fantastic universes.


  • Emeralds are the rarest gemstones in the world.

  • These stones are not as hard as rubies or diamonds. It is their delicacy that makes them so precious and cared for.

  • The most beautiful emeralds in the world are found in Colombia due to their formation conditions.

  • Emeralds deposits are scarce in the world, especially the formation environment in Colombia, that is why they are unique.

  • The most desirable emeralds in the world are those that are characterized by their intense green color and excellent transparency.

  • Emeralds are minerals composed of Beryl.

  • Their colors are: green, yellowish green and bluish green.

  • There are two techniques for emerald cutting. The best known is faceted, which divides the stone into 4 sections: Table, Bezel, Pavilion and Cone. On the other hand, there is the Cabochon technique, which highlights a homogeneous finish without faces or angles.

  • They need millions of years to be created.

  • Colorless oil treatments improve the consistency of the stone and its final appearance. It is a normal practice due to the amount of micro-fractures that emeralds have.

  • 95% of emeralds have this treatment. Those that have no oil and have excellent color and few fractures to the naked eye are too expensive.

  • The saturation and uniformity of colors varies immensely.

  • It is the stone of the month of May.

  • It signifies friendship and loyalty.

  • Anniversaries of 20 and 35 years are celebrated with emeralds.


  • It represents the July stone.

  • They are characterized by their brightness and red color.

  • Its name Ruby comes from "ruber" which means red.

  • Not all rubies are red, their shades vary from red to dark pink.

  • It is a mineral composed of aluminum oxide.

  • It is a close relative of sapphire.

  • They are found in many parts of the world, such as Thailand, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The best are those from Myanmar.

  • Their quality is determined by the intensity of their color, purity and weight.

  • Imperfections are very common in almost all rubies. Most of them are treated by a thermal method that improves the intensity of their color.

  • It is the hardest gemstone after diamond.

You already know the facts about each of these beautiful stones, now you know why they are so different and unique in their beauty. Each one has different characteristics that make their appearance so beautiful and desired by people. In addition to all the natural process that must occur for its formation.

We hope you have learned about these universes of unique gemstones.

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